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The Steamboat Group Culture Code

We view this as a foundation for our team culture here atThe Steamboat Group.  This is both a responsibility and a benefit of being here with the team.

Relationships Over Transactions

We constantly strive to provide an experience and excellent level of service to our clients, teammates and fellow brokers.  We believe real estate is service industry and not a commodities transaction. We believe that if you take care of others you truly do not have to worry about yourself.

Respect & Positive Vibes

We are committed to creating and fostering an environment that is positive and inviting to all. We strive and work to respect each other and we talk through issues and concerns. We are Team Players that live in abundance and value our Team over any particular issue.

Support & Accountability

We are committed to helping everyone grow in their role and expand their knowledge. We want to support one another to help everyone reach their full potential.  We will hold each other accountable which leads to higher performance.

Community & Generosity

We feel privileged to live and work in such a wonderful community.  We are committed to giving back monthly to local non-profits and to inspire others in giving back to keep Steamboat the special place that it is.

Embrace Growth

We believe that continued learning and continued growth is the best way to help  those around us.  We embrace the growth mindset and commit ourselves to always improving and learning.

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